Guide to using the Honda FR750 Tiller

Guide to using the Honda FR750 Tiller

You purchased the Honda FR750 Tiller and now you’re ready to put it to good use. Before you get started, there are some things you should understand about the safety and handling of your new tiller.

Tiller Specifications

When getting the job done correctly, the specifications of the equipment are just important as every other detail. The Honda FR750 tiller is equipped with a fuel tank capacity of 0.69 gallons and tills a width of 22.4 inches.

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Honda Mini-Tiller Service Recommendations

Honda TillerAs the weather warms up and winter becomes nothing more than a distant memory, it’s time to start preparing for planting season ahead. That means planning everything from seed variants and crops to the specific maintenance that will need to be done on plating equipment like the popular Honda Mini-Tiller. The equipment is easily one of the most common ways to prepare smaller gardens and outdoor areas for a fruitful growing season and, with a few early adjustments and fixes, the equipment can become an integral part of long-term success this year and for many more to come. Continue reading