Fuel System Maintenance for a Honda HHT Trimmer

Honda HHTOne of the best ways to ensure that Honda’s durable HHT trimmer enjoys a long useful life is to make sure that fuel is being used and stored in the proper way throughout the year. Whether it’s using the right fuel composition during the warmest months of the year, or properly storing fuel and tending to the trimmer’s needs during the so-called “off season,” Honda equipment owners should follow a few key recommendations and timelines in order to have the most efficient and long-lasting equipment possible. Continue reading

How to Maintain a Honda HHT Trimmer

Honda HHT35SUKAHonda’s HHT trimmer is one of the most powerful trimmers currently on the market for homeowners, as well as one of the most thoughtfully designed and executed. Even so, this powerful piece of equipment requires regular maintenance by homeowners in order to keep running efficiently and without the need for costly repairs over time. By following a few simple guidelines, HHT trimmer owners can make sure their equipment is working as efficiently and as powerfully as possible. Continue reading