How to Maintain a Honda HHT Trimmer

Honda HHT35SUKAHonda’s HHT trimmer is one of the most powerful trimmers currently on the market for homeowners, as well as one of the most thoughtfully designed and executed. Even so, this powerful piece of equipment requires regular maintenance by homeowners in order to keep running efficiently and without the need for costly repairs over time. By following a few simple guidelines, HHT trimmer owners can make sure their equipment is working as efficiently and as powerfully as possible.

Safety First: What to Keep in Mind During Maintenance

Homeowners with a Honda HHT trimmer need to keep a few things in mind when performing maintenance on the equipment. First and foremost, always perform maintenance in an open space and be sure not to bring any flammable solvents, cigarettes, or other objects into contact with the trimmer. Gasoline and oil can ignite quickly and easily, causing severe injury. Performing maintenance in open spaces will further reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning that can result when working indoors.

Equipment owners should also be sure that the equipment has been turned off, allowed to cool, and disconnected from any power source. Taking these precautionary steps will ensure that no burns are incurred during maintenance, and that no injuries are sustained from moving parts that might accidentally spring into action.

The Maintenance Schedule: Honda’s Guidelines for Comprehensive Maintenance

Honda’s HHT trimmer comes with a complete maintenance schedule that will make it easy to determine when things like oil changes, air filter replacements, and other key maintenance procedures are required. Generally, there are a few guidelines within the schedule that owners should be aware of:

  •   Oil changes must be performed after every 50 hours of use
  • Air filter elements should be checked every 25 hours of use or every 3 months
  •   Spark plugs should be replaced every 2 years
  •   Fuel and oil tubes should be checked and potentially replaced every two years

For more details on maintenance scheduling and recommended procedures, be sure to check the owner’s manual that came bundled with the Honda HHT trimmer at the time of purchase.

The Oil Change: What to Keep in Mind with an HHT Trimmer

Honda’s HHT trimmer requires an oil change every 50 hours or every 6 months, whichever one comes sooner. Oil can be drained from the dipstick opening simply by removing the cap and dipstick, and draining the oil into an approved disposal container. Honda recommends that oil changes be performed when the engine is warm, not hot, since this is the safest time to remove oil and the most effective temperature for a quality change of lubricant. Cooler air temperatures merit a 5W30 oil replacement, while warmer outdoor temperatures in the spring or summer will demand a 10W30 oil replacement.

Air Filter Maintenance Guidelines

Honda recommends that HHT trimmer owners check their air filter for excessive dust or debris after each use of the equipment, and that the air filter is cleaned after every 25 hours of use. That equates to about once every three months with typical trimmer usage. A full air filter replacement should be performed on a yearly basis, or after every 150 hours of active usage.

Remember that an inspection of the air filter should include verifying its cleanliness as well as ensuring that the filter is properly lubricated with approved oil. If the filter requires cleaning or lubrication before the 25th hour of active use, be sure to perform those tasks and reinsert the air filter prior to the next trimming job.

Spark Plug and Spark Arrester Considerations

The spark arrester found in the HHT trimmer’s engine is designed to help the trimmer meet state and federal regulations, as well as boost the overall safety of the equipment. Over time, the location of the spark arrester means that it gets covered in dirt and carbon deposits. Allow the trimmer and the muffler housing to cool down after use, and then remove the muffler to reveal the spark arrester. Use a stiff brush to clean the equipment. Be sure to replace the spark arrester after every 100 hours of active usage.

The spark plug should be checked for excessive carbon deposits or other signs of wear after every 100 hours of use, or on a yearly basis. Every two years, the spark plug should be completely replaced with an OEM Honda replacement that will keep the HHT trimmer running in peak condition for years to come. Can Make Regular Trimmer Maintenance Easier

Whether it’s the tools to get the job done or the OEM parts needed for occasional replacement, has what trimmer owners need to keep their equipment in top shape. The company’s large selection of tools and parts will help boost efficiency and longevity in the HHT trimmer and numerous other Honda products already in many garages.

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