Troubleshooting Guide for Honda HRS Lawn Mowers

Honda HRSHonda’s HRS lawn mower is widely appreciated as one of the most durable on the market, but even this rock solid mower can sometimes suffer from a few problems that can cause headaches for operators. The good news is that many problems are very easy to fix, and they’re often the result of simple oversights or mistakes made when maintaining the mower or getting it ready for another big mowing job. By checking a few common areas of concern on the mower, owners can solve problems ranging from a mower that won’t start to one that doesn’t mow or bag properly after the engine is on. Continue reading

How to Maintain a Honda HRS Lawn Mower

Honda HRSWhen it comes to preventing major repairs or service that can take a lawn mower out of commission for a longer period of time, there is perhaps nothing more effective than a policy of attentive, regular maintenance throughout the spring and summer seasons. By following Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule, mower owners can ensure that their equipment is using high-quality parts that aren’t excessively worn or corroded, and they’ll be using fresh gasoline and oil that will keep moving parts in great condition for a longer period of time. Best of all, these maintenance procedures are easy to do and quick to perform, even for those equipment owners who are new to oil changes, blade inspections, and more. Continue reading