Servicing HSS928 Snow Blowers

HSS928Are you having problems with your Honda HSS928 snow blower? Is it due for some preventative maintenance, or needs to be readied for storage. This is everything you need to know to keep your HSS928AW or HSS928AWD clearing snow.

Maintenance Schedule

Before putting your blower to work: Check the level of the auger shoes and scraper. Inspect the auger and blower shear bolts. Check the engine oil level.
First 30 days or 20 hours of operation: Change the engine oil and check the track adjustment (if equipped.)
Every 100 hours: Change the oil.
Every 300 hours or four years: Replace the spark plug.

When getting your blower out of storage: Change the oil, adjust the spark plug gap, adjust the track tension (if equipped) and charge the battery on AWD blowers.
Before putting up the blower at the end of the season: Check the tires (if equipped,) drain the fuel system, lubricate the drive chains (track models only,) check the chute control cable.

To keep your machine in top condition, Honda recommends professional service after 20 hours or one month of use, before the start of the season, every 300 hours, every 1,000 hours and every four years. These services will handle adjustments and repairs that are too difficult for most owners, including cable adjustments, idle adjustment, and fuel system cleaning.


To get oil past the frame, the 928 comes with an extension installed in the engine drain hole. To drain the oil, use a 17 mm wrench to keep the extension in place and loosen the drain plug with a 10 mm wrench. Use a new drain plug sealing washer when changing the oil.

Honda recommends using 5W30 motor oil that meets the API’s SJ service category or later. When fully drained, the engine should hold about 1.2 quarts of oil, which is enough for the level to reach the edge of the dipstick cap hole.

Spark Plug

The plug gap should be anywhere from 0.7 to 0.8 mm, or 0.028 to 0.031 inches. When installing, tighten the plug to 13 lb-ft, or tighten it until it seats, then turn it another ¼ turn for a used plug or ½ turn for a new plug.

Track Adjustment

With 11 lb-ft. of force on the top middle of the track, the track should move 11-16 mm or 7/16-5/8 inches. The tensioner can be moved by turning the adjusting nut. It’s threaded onto a stud sticking out of the rear frame member. Loosen the lock nut on top of to this nut, then turn the adjuster nut until the track deflection is within spec. Tighten the lock nut to 16 lb-ft.


The tires are designed to perform best at 20 psi. Replace the tires if they’re cracked, damaged or have worn down treads.

Shear Bolts

The shear bolts will break under pressure, protecting the drivetrain if an object jams the auger or impeller. Shut off the engine and disconnect the spark plug before replacing broken bolts. The auger and impeller have sharp edges, so you should wear heavy gloves when working around them.

Start by using the cleanout tool, attached to the back of the auger housing, to clear out snow buildup and dislodge debris. If the auger or impeller is bent, stop using your snow blower and have it looked at by a dealer. Once everything is freed up, install the new shear bolts.

The auger is split into two pieces, each connecting to the transmission with a single bolt. Slide the bolt through the side of the hole closest to the transmission, then thread on and tighten the nut.

The impeller attaches to the transmission using a carriage bolt. This bolt goes through plates on the auger and transmission output shaft. You may need to spin the impeller to line up these two plates. Insert the bolt from the back of the plates, lining up the square end with the hole in the impeller, then screw on the nut.

Skid Shoes

The shoes used on the HSS928 are double-sided, so once one side is worn down, the shoe can be flipped upside down to use the other surface.

When adjusting skid shoe height, track models need to be lifted up using the height adjusting lever, then slowly lowered to the ground until the shoes make contact with the ground.

The shoes can be moved by loosening the two nuts holding them onto the auger housing. The height of the shoes will depend on your operating conditions:
Ordinary snow on paved surfaces – 4-8 mm (5/32 to 5/16 inches)
Snow on ice-covered pavement – 0-5 mm (0 to 3/16 inch)
Uneven surfaces – 25-30 mm (1 to 1 3/16 inches)

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