Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower Operation Guide

Honda HS720AM Series Snow Throwers

The Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower is an excellent piece of yard maintenance equipment that, if used carefully and correctly, will provide years of service for its owner. The safety and efficiency of your machine are dependent on your direct oversight and care, so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the details of its operation.

Safety Is Always First

Safety should always come first. It’s very important that you read carefully the safety warnings that are listed on the machine itself, as well as in your operator’s manual. Failure to follow these warnings can result in damage to the machine, as well as serious injury to yourself or people around you.

Before Operation

Before you turn the machine on, there are a number of important safety checks that you should first perform. Refer to your safety manual for additional tips and information as you make your way through this basic safety checklist.

Check Your Snow Thrower

After making sure that your machine is on a level surface, check it for any signs of wear, damage, or leakage. Make sure your fuel tank is full. Check the auger paddles and scraper blades for damage or wear. Finally, check to see that all of the machine’s various nuts and bolts are properly tightened and in good condition.

Check Your Working Area

First, remove any sticks, twigs, rocks, or other obstacles that can jam or break the blades of your machine. Make sure that all children, pets, and other people are standing well clear of the path of the blower. Finally, check to see what condition the snow in your yard is, so that you can adjust your speed and direction accordingly.

Check Your Oil Level

Running your snow thrower while it is low on oil can result in serious damage to the machine. You can check this by removing the dipstick and checking the level of oil in the machine. If the level is low, top it off, but do not overfill it.

Add Fuel

Your Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower runs on regular gasoline with an octane rating of 86 or higher. Never use oil/gasoline mixtures, or gasoline that is stale or contaminated. Remember that gasoline is always volatile, so don’t refuel the machine while it is still running, or still heated from use. Wait until the machine has fully cooled to add fuel, and make sure no sparks or open flames are nearby. Always do your refueling outside.

Operating The Controls

While operating the controls of your snow thrower, always keep your guards and shields in place. Removing them will not make your machine run more efficiently, but will place both the operator and nearby individuals in danger. Make sure that you are operating on a level surface, and avoid trying to use the machine on large sloped areas.

Starting The Engine

To start the engine, first turn the fuel valve to the “on” position. If the engine is cold, pull out the choke knob to the “closed” position. If you are using a manual recoil starter, you will first turn the engine switch to “on”, then pull the starter grip until you feel resistance. At this point, give it a sharp tug, then gently let go of it so that it returns to its original position. Let the engine warm up for a bit, then gradually push the choke knob to the “open” position.

Stopping The Engine

To stop the engine, first release the auger clutch lever, then turn your engine or key switch to the “off” position. Afterward, turn the fuel valve to the “off” position.

Where To Buy Parts

If you are in need of replacement parts for your Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower, you can find genuine OEM parts online directly from If you have any further questions or comments regarding the operation of your Honda HS720AM Snow Thrower, please feel free to contact us, or refer to our blog for further information.

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