Accessories and Options for Honda Tillers

honda tillerYou can do more with a Honda tiller than just till. The company offers several attachments and kits that can adapt your FG110, FC600, FRC800 or F220 to perform common landscaping jobs that would normally require specialized equipment.


Want to get a clean border around gardens, sidewalks, and other landscaping features? The FG110 border/edger replaces the tiller blades with a wheel and cutting blade, letting you roll next to edges and cut into the soil to create an even border. The wheel and blade can be swapped, letting you cut from the left or right side of the tiller. The edger is available for the FG110.

Digging Tines

Sometimes a tiller blade isn’t enough. These digging tines are straighter than the standard tilling tines, letting them bust through clumps of soil and weed patches. This tool is exclusive to the FG110.


The blades on the aerator punch holes into the ground, increasing root exposure and aiding drainage. That means air, water and nutrients have better access to the roots, making for a healthier lawn. Unlike most mower-based aerators, this attachment doesn’t leave unsightly soil plugs on the turf. The aerator blades can be fitted to the FG110 and the FC600.


The rake-like tines on the dethatcher pull up the layer of dead plant material that gathers on the surface of the soil, allowing better sunlight and water penetration. This tool works with the FG110.

Furrower Kits

The furrower blade digs a narrow trench, creating a row for seeding while the side plates spread the uplifted soil to create a flat surface. Honda offers furrower kits in 7.75-inch for the F220, 10-inch for the FC600 and 11-inch for the FRC800.

Side Disc Kit

Want to till next to plants without damaging them? This disc attaches to the side of the F220, blocking rocks and other debris that would normally fly out of the sides of the tiller while turning the soil.

Where to Buy Honda Tiller Attachments is an OEM dealer for all of Honda’s power equipment and lawn care products from tiller to generators. They have a huge stock of parts for fast shipping of whatever you need to get the most out of your tiller, including accessories and replacement parts.

Want to know more about tillers and other Honda power equipment products? Our blog is full of helpful tips, like what you need to do to maintain your FG110 mini-tiller.

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