Guide to using the EU6500 Honda Generator


EU6500 Honda GeneratorReady to put your Honda EU6500 to use? Here’s what you need to know for starting the motor and safely powering electric appliances.

Operating Your Generator Safely

Like all internal combustion engines, the exhaust from the motor contains carbon monoxide, a poisonous, scent-free gas. This generator should be used at least three feet (one meter) away from buildings, enclosed areas and other equipment.

Before connecting anything to the generator, make sure any cords are undamaged and the device being powered is in good working order. Anything attached to the generator should be within the recommended ratings; devices requiring power between the rated and maximum limits should be used for no more than 30 minutes at a time.


Make sure all appliances are disconnected from the outlets.
Set the voltage selector switch to match the required voltage: It should be set to “120/240V” if a 240V appliance is connected to the four prong 240V outlet, and “120V Only” in any other circumstance.
Turn the fuel valve lever to “ON.”
Turn the EcoThrottle switch “OFF.”

Normal operation:

Turn the engine switch to “START” and hold it until the motor starts. Release the switch. If it doesn’t start after 5 seconds, release the key, wait 10 seconds, and try again.

If the battery voltage is too low to run the starter:

Turn the engine switch to “ON.”
Open the right side cover by turning the latch counterclockwise.
Pull the starter grip lightly until resistance is felt, then give it a quick pull. Keep the rope in line with the hole to the engine.

When using the optional remote control:

Turn the engine switch to “REMOTE.”
Hold the start button on the remote until the “Pilot” light turns on. If it doesn’t start after 5 seconds, release the button, wait 10 seconds, and try again.

Turn the EcoThrottle switch to “ON” after the engine has run for two to three minutes, or leave it off if the generator will be under constant heavy loads.


Unplug all appliances from the outlets.
Turn the engine switch to “OFF,” or if using the remote, press the “OFF” button.
Turn the fuel valve lever to “OFF.”


Once the engine is running, the output indicator, located on the upper-left of the control panel, should be green. If the second light turns red, either the generator is overloaded or there is a short circuit.

This model is designed to sustain up to 6,500 VA of power for up to 30 minutes at a time and continuous power of up to 5,500 VA. Exceeding these limits may not trip the circuit breakers, but they will shorten the life of the engine.

When plugging in appliances, divide the load over the two main circuits. Circuit I handles the sockets labeled “1,” “3” and “4,” while Circuit II handles “2” and “5.” The four prong outlet is “4” when in 120V mode and “5” when in 240V mode.

Using as a Backup to Grid Power:

If this generator is going to be used as a backup to utility power, an isolation switch must be installed to disconnect the utility lines when the generator is connected. This switch should be installed by a licensed electrician.


The ground system only connects the frame to the ground terminals, not the AC neutral wire. If the outlets are tested with a receptacle tester, they won’t show the same ground circuit connection as a household outlet.

Where to buy Honda Generator Parts:

Whatever you need for your generator, can ship OEM replacement parts to any address in the U.S. and Canada. Take the guessing out of ordering with their online diagrams of Honda’s power equipment lineup, or send a message to their experienced parts staff.

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