Maintaining Your HRR Lawn Mower

Honda HRR LawnmowerThe best way to make sure that a Honda HRR series lawn mower stays in great condition all summer long, and for many years in the future, is to follow a number of regular maintenance routines and guidelines that will keep the engine lubricated, ensure that gasoline is being used efficiently, and make sure that the blades and spark plugs perform their respective tasks with ease. Luckily for HRR owners, this maintenance is universally easy to complete and requires only a few moments of time immediately before, or a short while after, mowing the lawn. From oil changes to blade replacements, be sure to keep up with all recommended maintenance and service as recommended in the HRR series owner’s manual.

The Oil Change: Keeping the Engine Running Smoothly

Like all combustion engines, the engine found in the Honda HRR series mower needs to undergo regular oil changes at prescribed intervals to ensure that the engine operates smoothly and is properly lubricated. These oil changes are a key way to safeguard against more damaging malfunctions after the mower has been in operation for some time. As a general rule, homeowners should pursue an oil change only when the engine is warm. A cold engine will have very viscous oil, while one that is hot can actually pose a number of dangers to the operator during the oil transfer process.

To get started, turn the engine’s fuel valve to the “off” position after ensuring that the mower itself is turned off and verifying that the engine is warm, rather than hot. Remove the mower’s dipstick, ensuring the area around the oil compartment is free of clippings or other debris. Prepare a proper container that can catch and contain the oil for proper disposal after the oil change. Simply tip the mower toward the side where the dipstick was located, and wait for all of the oil to drain into the approved container. When the draining process is finished, replace the lost oil with fresh, Honda-approved 10W30 oil until it rises to the “full” line on the HRR dipstick. Always dispose of old oil in an eco-friendly way.

An Air Filter Change Can Boost Efficiency and Reduce Engine Wear

A clean air filter is a key way to boost mower efficiency, reduce the wear and tear on the mower’s engine, and keep the mowing process free of unnecessary dust, clippings, and other small debris. For those homeowners in particularly dry or dusty areas, an air filter change may need to be pursued more often than those in wetter, less dusty environments.

Remove the filter by pressing down on the tabs that hold the air filter compartment in place. If the filter is in mostly good condition and can still be used, simply clean the filter by tapping debris out of it and replacing it within the mower. If the filter needs to be replaced, simply dispose of the old filter and replace it with an OEM Honda option. Finally, replace the air filter cover and ensure that it’s locked into place.

Blade Inspection and Replacement Benefits Cutting Consistency

A proper blade inspection, and optional blade replacement, will keep cutting consistent and benefit the lawn’s long-term health. To inspect the blades, turn the fuel valve to the “off” position once again, and then disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent against any accidental starts that might cause serious injury. Turn the mower over, ensuring that it is tilted to the right during this process. This will allow the fuel cap to remain pointed upward, blocking potential gasoline leaks that might present a fire hazard. With the blades exposed, give them a thorough inspection and keep an eye out for rust, damage, debris lodged in the compartment, and any other irregularities that might affect mowing accuracy, efficiency, and consistency.

If the blade does require replacement, place a wooden block in the blade compartment to prevent movement. Next, remove the two blade bolts that secure the blade system in place. This can be done in just a few minutes using a socket wrench. Remove the damaged blade and then insert the replacement, securing it with the two blade bolts that were removed earlier in this process.

New Spark Plugs Make Mower Ignition Easier

Over time, HRR spark plugs can become almost completely encrusted with carbon deposits, due in in small part to their role in engine ignition and their proximity to the engine’s exhaust. This will require replacement of the spark plugs at regular intervals to ensure the mower keeps operating efficiently. To remove the spark plug and replace it, simply loosen it with a 21mm spark plug wrench and remove it. Use the same wrench to installer a cleaner, more efficient OEM Honda spark plug.

For Parts and Service, is a Great Resource

In addition to the maintenance guides and instructions found in the Honda HRR series owner’s manual, offers a wealth of information about recommended maintenance, as well as a broad selection of OEM blades, spark plugs, and more. Homeowners should always use their owner’s manual and OEM parts when pursuing regular, recommended maintenance on their Honda HRR series mower.


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