Maintaining Your Honda HRX Mower

Honda HRXHonda markets its mowers as being “very smart,” and sells the HRX lineup as one of the higher-end walk behind models available to consumers. Even so, these smart and advanced mowers still require regular maintenance throughout the warmer months of the year in order to ensure that all of the mower’s blades, moving parts, and lubricants, can perform efficiently and deliver a consistent, uniform cut during every lawn mowing task. From oil changes to new blades and clean air filters, active maintenance of a Honda HRX series lawn mower will result in the best performance all summer long and well into autumn.

Blade Replacement: Keep Lawn Mowing Uniform and Damage-Free

Perhaps the most common damage done to a lawn mower during the course of the spring and summer months is the damage that affects the mower’s blade. The Honda HRX series come with a unique twin blade system that, while more efficient for consistent mowing and better mulching, can also be greatly reduced in effectiveness by debris and damage. In order to ensure that this blade remains operating at peak condition, mower owners should regularly inspect it and optionally replace the blade if major damage has been done.

The blade replacement process, luckily enough, could not be easier. To get started, switch the mower’s fuel valve to the off position and disconnect the spark plug wire to prevent against any unwanted starts or sparking. Tip the mower over toward the right side in order to avoid fuel leakage, and then inspect the blade for any debris, damage, or other problems. If the blade needs to be replaced, remove the two retaining bolts located on either side of the mechanism. Remove these bolts, and then gently guide the blade away from the mower. Replace with an OEM Honda twin blade system, and then secure the blade bolts back in place. Mower owners should keen in mind that the curved side of the washers paired with these bolts should face toward the blade, rather than away from the blade.

Regular Oil Changes Constitute Proper Maintenance

Like cars, trucks, and other power equipment setups, Honda’s HRX mowers require regular oil changes to operate at peak efficiency and to reduce the risk of any damage to the mower’s engine. The oil change process is relatively easy. Simply switch off the fuel valve and disconnect the spark plug wire, and then unscrew and remove the oil dipstick from the mower. Make sure an approved oil storage and disposal container is on hand, and then tip the mower over so that the oil can drain out.

When the oil has completely drained, replace it with new, 10W30 oil intended for the Honda HRX series. Use of the dipstick will show when enough oil has been poured into the compartment for regular use. Don’t forget to reconnect the spark plug wire and reset the fuel valve to the “on” position after the oil change.

New Spark Plugs Make it Easier to Start the HRX Mower

The spark plug is an essential part of any mower, as it essentially allows the engine to “spark” the gasoline, turning the mower on and preparing it for another dutiful mowing task. Over time, though, the spark plugs of walk behind mowers can become encrusted in carbon emissions and other deposits, making them less efficient overall and making it far more difficult to start and operate the HRX series mower.

Using a spark plug removal socket, simply loosen the spark plug until it is no longer contained in its threaded compartment. Inspect the spark plug for damage and, if possible, clean off any deposits. It may still be usable. If not, though, replacement is as easy as using the spark plug socket attachment to secure a new spark plug in place. In just a few moments, this easy repair can make it much easier to use and start the HRX series mower.

Don’t Forget About the Grass Bag Attached to the Mower

For those homeowners who prefer to catch clippings rather than mulching them and returning them to the soil, a clean grass bag in good repair is an absolute requirement. From time to time, the bag should be emptied of all clippings and sprayed clean of any clogs or debris using a simple garden hose. The bag should then be allowed to dry completely, reducing the risk of clogging in future mowing tasks. If the bag is torn, ripped, or has any holes, it should be replaced with a Honda OEM grass bag designed specifically for the HRX series of walk behind mowers. Can Help with All Regular HRX Series Maintenance Needs

From OEM replacement parts, like blades, spark plugs, and grass bags, to the right oil and other lubricants required by HRX series mowers, has what consumers need. The company‚Äôs long history of experience as an authorized Honda retailer, as well as enthusiasm for the broader home landscaping industry, allows it to sell a better selection of OEM parts, with a better customer service reputation, than many other dealers. As always, be sure to consult the HRX series’ owner’s manual to address any questions about maintenance types, frequency, or proper replacement parts and fluids.


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