Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower Troubleshooting

Honda HRT216Honda’s lawn mowers have been known as some of the most efficient and reliable outdoor lawn equipment in the industry. However, problems can occasionally arise even with the best mowers. If your Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower has a spark but refuses to start, this comprehensive troubleshooting guide may help you repair the equipment.

Address Potential Fuel Concerns

Fuel issues may be a major cause of starting problems among Honda HRT216 Lawn Mowers. Users can address these potential issues before having the product serviced by a professional:

  • To check the fuel levels, remove the fuel tank cap on the lawn mower. If the fuel levels are too low, refill the tank with fresh and clean gasoline; however, avoid overfilling and spilling fuel.  High octane fuel with low ethanol content is recommended to ensure smoother operation and less potential of clogging the carburetor.

Check the Carburetor

Because stale or low-quality fuel can result in buildup in the carburetor and fuel lines, the second step is to ensure that the fuel has not been in the tank for extended periods of time.

  • Before attempting to restart, ensure that the fuel valve is switched to the “on” position in order to enable the fuel in the tank to drain through the carburetor bowl. Once the fuel is completely drained, users can reinstall the drain bolt.

Many carburetor issues are more serious than stale fuel, so users are urged to frequently clean the carburetor, rebuild it, replace it, or have the Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower serviced by a Honda center if they don’t want to take on the task themselves. The carburetor gaskets and seals may also need to be replaced.

Remove and Inspect Spark Plugs

A faulty or incorrect spark plug can result in engine damage, thus causing the lawn mower to not start. In order to promote optimal performance, the spark plug must be properly gapped and free of deposits.

Here are steps to remove and inspect spark plugs:

1. By using a spark plug wrench, disconnect the spark plug cap before removing dirt, grass, and other debris from the area.

2. After inspecting the area, replace the spark plug if the electrodes are worn or if the insulator is severely damaged. Ensure that the spark plugs are cleaned completely before reuse.

3. After the spark plugs are seated, ensure that they are tightened as follows to seat the washer:
Old Plug: 1/8 to ¼ turn
New Plug: ½ turn

Because loose spark plugs can overheat and damage the engine, this is an important step. Additionally, overtightening the spark plug can damage the threads in the cylinder head.

4. The process can be completed by installing the spark plug cap on the spark plug.

Other Issues

If the Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower still will not start after checking the above parts, the equipment could have stuck valves, clogged fuel filters or an ignition malfunction.  In addition, imbalanced or dull blades will produce a rough cut. Before having the product serviced, users may want to try restarting the lawn mower one last time after completing these tasks:

  • Change the Air and Fuel Filters
  • Sharpen and balanced the blade
  • Drain and replace oil
  • Check belt connection
  • Examine the compression

Where to Buy Parts for your Honda HRT216 Lawn Mower

If you are in need of new parts for your Honda Lawn Mower, you can purchase them directly from  Our advanced lookup tool will help you find the OEM parts you need, or you can contact us if you’re not sure which part to order.  For more helpful hints on how to make the most of your outdoor power equipment, search our blog. You may also enjoy a former blog post titled “Why Choose Honda Mowers?”

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