Honda HRR216PKA Getting Started Guide

Honda_hrr216pka_leftYou’ve just brought home a new Honda HRR216PKA. Now what? This guide will take you step by step through the process of turning the contents of the box into a mower ready to tackle your lawn.

Before You Begin

Do not start the engine until oil has been added to the crankcase. There may still be a little oil left over from factory testing, but it won’t be nearly enough to protect the engine.

As with any mower, objects can be thrown by the blades at high velocity, causing property damage and serious injury. This is especially true of rear discharge mowers like the HRR216PKA since the deck opening is in front of the operator. Never operate this mower unless the grass bag is in place or the guard is fully closed by setting the Clip Director lever to “Mulch.”

If you need to mow dry vegetation, get a spark arrestor to prevent accidental ignition. In some jurisdictions, an arrestor may be required by law.

The muffler on this mower can get hot enough to cause severe burns, even several minutes after the motor has been shut down. Let it cool off before performing any maintenance or repairs.

What’s Included?

Before you start assembly, make sure the following items were included in the packaging:

The Mower
Grass bag frame
Grass bag
Engine oil
Owner’s manual

Fitting the Handlebar

1. Twist the handlebar adjustment knobs to the unlocked position: the knob grips should be perpendicular to the handlebar.
2. Lift the handlebar back and up into the mowing position.
3. Align the adjustment knobs to a set of holes on the handlebar: the lower they are, the higher the top of the bar will be. Once you find a comfortable position, lock the knobs by twisting them until they’re parallel with the handlebar.
4. Remove the cardboard from the handlebar.

Adding Oil

1. Remove the oil filler cap/dipstick, located on the right side of the mower.
2. Add the oil packaged with the mower. If that oil isn’t available, use SAE 10W-30 with an API category of SJ or later. The crankcase holds approximately 12-13.5 ounces (0.35-0.40 liters) of oil.
3. Check the oil level by inserting the dipstick without screwing it in. If the oil doesn’t come up to the marks on the stick, add more oil. If it’s over the marks, tilt the mower on its right side, letting some of the oil pour out into a suitable container. Overfilling can cause oil to reach the air filter and eventually the combustion chamber, resulting in blue smoke coming from the muffler while the engine is running.
4. Screw the filler cap/dipstick back into the motor and remove the tag on the starter that says “The engine has no oil.”

Assemble the Grass bag

1. Turn the grass bag right-side out. The Honda logo should be visible on the sides.
2. Pull the frame support legs outward and slide them into the frame eyelets, forming a triangle.
3. Slide the frame into the bag with the handle at the top. Snap the plastic clips on the bag opening to the frame.

Add Fuel

The engine in this mower is designed to use regular automotive gasoline with an octane rating of at least 86 and up to 10% ethanol (E10) or methanol. The fuel should be fresh, having been purchased four weeks or less before use.

The gas cap is located at the rear left side of the motor. Remove the cap and add fuel until it reaches the bottom of the red fuel level gauge inside the opening.

Final Inspection

By this point, everything should be ready for you to use your mower, but it’s wise to do a final check for any damage that may have occurred during shipping:

– Look for signs of damage, such as dents in the mowing deck.
– Make sure all the controls function correctly.
– Check that the blade bolts are tight – turn the mower so it’s on its right side, and wedge a wood block between the blades and the mowing chamber. Torque the bolts to 36-43 lb-ft. (49-59 Nm.)
– Check that all nuts, bolts, and screws are tightened.

Check Your Mowing Area

Is this the first time you’ve mowed your lawn, or the first mow of the season? Now is a good time to look for and remove debris that could damage the mower or turn into a dangerous projectile once struck by the blades. Check the areas for stones, sticks, nails, wire and other small objects.

Where to buy Honda Mower Parts and Accessories

If it fits on a Honda mower, generator, pump, snow blower or any other power equipment, you can get it from As an OEM dealer, they carry replacement parts and accessories designed specifically for your mower. Not quite sure what you need? Match the part with online diagrams of your model, or send a message to their experienced parts staff. Their massive warehouse allows them to shop most parts immediately to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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