What is Honda Versamow System?

Honda VersamowBagging leaves turf with a nice, finished look, but it also takes nutrients away from the soil and those clippings have to be disposed of somehow. Mulching gets those nutrients back to the root system, but rain and tall grass can cause clippings to gather in clumps instead of integrating into the lawn. Now with Honda’s Versamow System, you can do both that the same time to get a healthy lawn, a clean finish and less yard waste.

Twice The Blade for Better Performance

Mulching mowers use deep chambers and specially angled blades to make sure each piece of grass gets cut down to small pieces that will mix with the turf. Honda has taken this a step further with their Microcut Twin Blade design: a secondary blade immediately trims clippings as they are cut from the grass. The dual edge also cuts these clippings twice with each pass through the chamber for rapid conversion into mulch, cutting down on the clumping that can happen when mowing tall grass.

Grass Control with the Clip Director

The deck opening of HRX series mowers have an adjustable flap that can be moved using the Clip Director knob. With the flap fully open, grass can leave the mowing chamber and enter the bag. When the flap is closed, the grass will stay in the mowing chamber until they’ve been cut down to small pieces that can fall between the blades, leaving a layer of mulch.

Mowers that can both mulch and bag are nothing new, but what makes the Versamow System unique is that it can do both at the same time. The mowing chamber and blades are designed so that the grass clippings are evenly dispersed across the deck opening, and the flap can be adjusted to different opening sizes. That means some of the grass can be bagged while some of it can mulched. Still want to leave some mulch but have to mow in less than ideal conditions? The Versamow system lets you leave behind just enough clippings to be useful without leaving clumps.

Empty Bags Less Often

The rapid action of Twin Blade cutting results in small clippings that pack better in the bag. That means up to 40% more grass can be picked up before the bag has to be emptied.

Want to go even longer before stops? Direct some of those clippings to the ground, and the bag will fill up slower, yet you can still get the look of a fully bagged finish: With 9 positions, the Clip Director allows anywhere from a few percent to 100% of the clippings to be directed into the bag.

Got Leaves? It Does That, Too.

Set the Clip Director to open the flap slightly, and leaves will be recirculated long enough to be finely chopped before entering the bag. That’s it – no attachments need to be added and there won’t be any leaf bits left on the ground to be raked up.

Better Maneuverability

Since HRX mowers are designed around the Clip Director system, they eject clippings out the back, not to the side. That means there’s no discharge chute hanging off the mower deck, keeping the profile narrow, letting the mower access tight spaces and mow against walls from either side.

Where to buy Honda Mower Parts and Accessories

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