Outdoor Power Equipment Spring Service Guide

Honda Power Equipment

With the spring coming up, many users want to brush the dust off of their small engine equipment and get them to work for the warmer weather. However, it’s important for all users to follow the correct spring service recommendations to avoid damaging their equipment. Proper maintenance can help prolong the life of their tools.

Begin by bringing the equipment out of storage. During the winter, all power equipment should be kept in a cool and dry environment away from the elements and debris. If any dust accumulated on or around the equipment, clean it off before using, as the dust can harm the interior of the system. Draining and replacing the fuel is important to prevent the engine from gumming up with old fuel deposits. However, prepare ahead of time to determine whether you want to also add fuel stabilizers. If you are replacing the fuel in the engine, be sure to pour in the new, recommended batch of fuel up to the fuel line and no further.

Some parts may have accumulated a hefty deposit of grime or debris between gears. In this case, use a small amount of lubricant and oil around the parts to avoid potential damage. If the equipment isn’t properly lubricated, it can cause a loss of functionality. Use a small amount of oil and lubricant with the system and adjust the deposits as necessary until the grinding stops and the machine moves smoothly. All other parts of the system should be inspected carefully as well. Depending on the age of the equipment, individual parts may need to be replaced, such as the filters, chains, belts and spark plugs. It’s best to refer to your operator’s manual for the regular service recommendations, so you can be sure your equipment is maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Finally, if you’re planning on a heavier seasonal workload, it‘s always recommended to look into new accessories for your system. Covers can be a good way to improve storage and prevent debris and other types of damage from marring the equipment. A new bagger can also be useful, especially in situations where the equipment is taking on a heavier workload. Be sure to shop directly with a certified dealer such as Honda Lawn Parts for high-quality OEM replacement parts. They ship parts and accessories anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

With the proper inspections and maintenance, you can rest assured that your equipment is ready for spring. What other steps do you take to make sure your outdoor power equipment is ready?

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