How to Change a Snowblower Tire

Honda SnowblowerHonda snowblowers are remarkably durable and able to survive winter with relatively little maintenance required from the homeowner. Sometimes, the combination of debris and rough snow or ice can negatively impact the equipment’s tires. After a few seasons of tough snow clearing, it becomes necessary to change these tires in order to ensure good traction and snow clearing in the future. provides Honda Snowblower Tires, which equipment owners can easily replace by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Elevate the Snowblower
First and foremost, the snowblower must be elevated off the ground so that both tires can be easily and quickly changed. Use wood or cinder blocks under the axle on both the left and right sides of the equipment so that the tires are off the ground.

Step 2: Remove the Bolts and Remove the Air Cap
Honda’s snowblower tires are held onto the axle using a simple bolt. This bolt must be removed from each wheel so that the tires can be changed. After it has been removed , unscrew the air cap from the tire. Push the air valve to the side, allowing all air to be released from the tire for easy replacement.

Step 3: Remove the Tire
Use a flathead screwdriver between the tire and the rim, and work the screwdriver toward the rim. Complete this process around the entire wheel, allowing the tire to release itself from the rim.

Step 4: Replace the Tire
Place the new tire around the outside of the rim, and kneel onto it in order to lock it into place. Use the included strap to attach the tire to the rim, and tighten it until the new tire “bows” outward. This will indicate that the tire is firmly in place and ready to be pumped full of air. Inflate the tire, and then place the wheel back onto the axle. Tighten the bolt that holds the wheel in place. Repeat this process for the second wheel.

Repair: A Budget-Friendly Way to Keep the Snowblower in Service
Repairing a snowblower tire is often the best way to ensure the snowblower remains effective while avoiding the high cost of new tires. This process is a bit more comprehensive, but still quite easy to do.

Step 1: Follow the Tire Removal Process
Using the instructions above, remove the tires from their wheels. Perform these steps only on those tires that seem to be damaged.

Step 2: Feel for Damaged Areas of the Tire
Often, debris on the ground will slice the tire or puncture it in one or more places. This is easy to feel with the bare hand, so be sure to feel the tire’s entire surface when checking for slashes, scuffs, and punctured holes.

Step 3: Place the Tire Patch into Place
The tire patch, included with any tire repair kit, should be placed on the inside of the tire with the hole near the center of the patch. It can then be pressed into place using an included tool.

Step 4: Replace the Tire
With the patch firmly rolled onto the interior of the tire, the tire must be placed back onto the snowblower wheel. Place the tire strap in place, as per the above instructions.

Step 5: Partially Inflate the Tire
With the tire now back on the wheel, it’s time to inflate the tire. This will cause the air to press the tire patch even more firmly into place, ensuring that it won’t go anywhere after the tire is fully inflated with the proper amount of air. Remove the tire strap and inflate the tire the rest of the way.

Step 6: Replace the Wheel
Next, place the wheel back onto the snowblower and secure the bolt that holds the wheel to the axle. This will complete the tire repair process.

Selecting a Replacement Tire
Honda’s snowblowers use different tires based on the model of the snowblower itself. The proper tire type can be found in the operator’s manual that comes with the snowblower at the time of purchase. Additionally, the most reputable parts dealers will offer online lookup tools that will make it clear which tire is right for each unique model of Honda power equipment. The Perfect Place for OEM Replacement Parts
Customers looking for the best tires for their snowblower model should look no further then The website carries all of the latest and most popular snowblower replacement parts, ensuring that operators can successfully use their equipment all winter long. With a great parts lookup tool, it’s easy to sort these parts by model and by required use.

With a long reputation in the power equipment industry, the website is suited to help snowblower and Honda Equipment owners find the best parts for their needs. Quick service and delivery enhance the process, making a valuable resource.

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