Honda HRS Series Lawn Mower

The HRS lawnmower series is a part of Honda’s overall line of products known for their quality and reliability. Benefit from Honda’s superior engineering and use of high quality¬†Honda parts, when selecting a mower from the HRS series. Honda has developed more groundbreaking innovations than any other company in the industry. The Honda brand is synonymous with dependability and durability. Your investment in a Honda mower will pay off for many years.

The HRS series lawn mowers from Honda include both a push type model and a single speed, self-propelled model. The HRS216SDA is the single speed, self-propelled version. The HRS216PDA is the push version. Both HRS series lawnmowers feature a residential, premium Honda GCV160 engine which provides ample power.


The Engine
The GCV160 premium residential engine is built to last. It is easy to start, powerful, reliable, and fuel-efficient. The engine runs on regular unleaded gasoline containing from 0% to 10% ethanol. Honda’s GCV160 engine meets both EPA and CARB emission standards for all 50 states. In fact, Honda was the first manufacturer in the country offering only CARB-certified lawnmowers, which meet the strictest emissions regulations in the U.S.

Professionals and consumers alike cite Honda engines for their easy starting capability. Honda has developed advanced technology that literally reduces the force required to start the engine. Honda’s lawn mower designs are fully integrated with their own premium engines.

The HRS series features ball bearings in the rear wheels for better maneuverability and a smoother ride. The plastic wheels are 8″ in diameter. The mower weighs only 73 lbs, further enhancing maneuverability. It’s light weight makes the push type a practical, economical solution.

The Deck And Blades
The HRS series is assembled on a 21″ heavy-duty 16 gauge steel mowing deck. It features side discharge and mulching. The side discharge assembly is easy to install. The HRS series mowers cut an area 21″ wide. A range of six cutting heights are available, from 1″ to 3 1/2″.

Honda has developed its own exclusive twin blade technology. Available as an optional accessory, the twin blades cut the grass into smaller pieces, resulting in a better looking lawn and the mulching will be more refined. A single, high lift blade is also available.

Ergo-Active handles are another of Honda’s innovations. They provide true operator comfort. Controls are especially convenient, and the handlebar can be used in multiple positions, depending on your preference. Let go of the flywheel brake lever, and the engine quickly stops.

Again, the flywheel brake lever is part of a well-designed flywheel brake safety system. There is also a manual fuel shut-off valve. The valve can be shut off for storing, transporting or maintaining the mower.

Honda includes a 3 year full residential warranty with every lawnmower. Residential customers are covered for three full years and the commercial 90 day warranty is also available.


Should you find yourself in need of parts for your HRS lawnmower, research Honda’s parts website: Always have the model number handy for convenient ordering, along with the serial number of the mower, or the serial number specifically for the engine. If you need help locating the serial number, Honda’s parts website will offer guidance in locating it.



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