Guide to the Honda HP250 Power Carrier

Honda HP250 Power Carrier

Are you are ready to use your brand new Honda HP250 Power Carrier? Before operating the carrier you will want to review some of the simple instructions provided in the list below.

Pre-Operation Checks

First, check the fuel level and refill with automobile gasoline if necessary. Next, check the engine oil. If the oil level is low you will want to fill it with Honda 4-Stroke oil. The next thing you will want to do is check the air cleaner. Inspect it for dirt and grime. Carefully follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for proper cleaning procedures.

Starting the Engine

  • With the drive clutch levers placed in STOP, put the gearshift in NEUTRAL.
  • Place the fuel valve to the ON position.
  • Put the throttle level in the START position.
  • Turn the engine ON
  • Pull the starter grip and after you feel some resistance, pull the grip quickly.
  • Giving the engine time to warm you will then place the throttle lever in the LO position allowing the machine to idle with ease.

Operation of the Power Carrier

  • Be sure the throttle level is still in the LO position
  • Put the gearshift in one of the proper positions; neutral, low speed, high speed or reverse.
  • Pull the drive clutch levers toward the handlebars and wait for the power carrier to begin moving. Once in motion, you can adjust the throttle to the speed you desire.
  • The steering clutch levers can be pulled in the direction you wish to move.

Stopping the Engine

  • Let go of the drive clutch levers and apply the brake.
  • Place the gearshift in the NEUTRAL position.
  • Place the throttle level in the LO position.
  • Switch the engine to the OFF position.
  • Place the fuel valve in the OFF position.

Carrying Loads

Utilize the tie-down hooks to secure your load in place using rope or straps. Adjust the side rails to 5 inches per side when carrying unsteady loads. When dumping a load be sure the power carrier is stopped and the drive clutch levers are disengaged. Pull the bed release lever and lift the engine guard by tilting the carrier bed. When the bed is empty, lock the carrier bed back into the normal position by pushing down on the engine guard.


The power carrier comes complete with a tool kit necessary to perform routine maintenance. Keep the tool kit and your owners manual together in a safe place and refer to the maintenance section of your manual often. Performing periodic maintenance and routine pre-checks before each use, along with properly cleaning the machine will guarantee a longer life and performance from your Honda Power Carrier.

Storage of Your Power Carrier

Be sure your carrier is stored on a flat surface with the engine turned to the OFF position. Disconnect the spark plug cap to prevent the engine from accidentally starting up. Allow the engine time to cool down before storing indoors. Keeping the power carrier stored in a clean dry area is another way to assure the long life of the machine. Please refer to the storage section of your owner’s manual for a complete list of safety procedures that must be applied for proper storage.


If at any time your carrier is not performing properly the first things you will want to check is the fuel and oil levels. Check that the spark plug is performing properly. Before disassembling the machine, please refer to the troubleshooting section in your owner’s manual.

Honda Power Carrier Specs

The Honda Power Carrier provides a single cylinder, 4-stroke, side valve type engine. The carrier is 63 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 4.9 inches in height. The machine is complete with three gears.

Where To Buy Parts

If you have any questions or you need to order new parts for your Honda HP250 Power Carrier, visit for fast, friendly customer service.  Their OEM parts finder tool offers a convenient and extensive way to search for exactly what you need. Parts will ship directly to your door whether you live in the U.S. or Canada.

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