Troubleshooting Guide for Honda HRS Lawn Mowers

Honda HRSHonda’s HRS lawn mower is widely appreciated as one of the most durable on the market, but even this rock solid mower can sometimes suffer from a few problems that can cause headaches for operators. The good news is that many problems are very easy to fix, and they’re often the result of simple oversights or mistakes made when maintaining the mower or getting it ready for another big mowing job. By checking a few common areas of concern on the mower, owners can solve problems ranging from a mower that won’t start to one that doesn’t mow or bag properly after the engine is on.
The Mower Won’t Start: What to Know and What to Check

Perhaps the most frustrating problem that can affect any mower is its reluctance or refusal to start when it’s time to mow the lawn. While this might seem like a great way to get out of yard work, it’s a serious issue that should merit a few key inspections of the mower’s parts and settings.

The most common reason for the mower not to start is that fuel valve has been switched into the “off” position during maintenance. This will prevent the engine from getting the fuel it needs to start up. Similarly, the throttle lever may be not in the “choke” position because the engine was previously warm when the mower was started during another task. Move it into this position and try again.

If neither of these basic fixes convinces the mower to start reliably, it’s time to check more serious options. The mower may be out of fuel. It may also be trying to use outdated or bad fuel that has broken down due to long-term storage without an added fuel stabilizer. Additionally, mower owners should check the mower’s air filter, fuel filter, and spark plug. If any of these items were flooded or are suffering from damage, they will need to be replaced.

The Mower Loses Power: Operator Considerations

If the mower starts up just fine, but loses power during regular operation, there are a few things that could be going wrong behind the scenes:

– The mower has run out of fuel and needs to be refueled before continuing
– The grass is too tall and it has overwhelmed the mower’s blades and engine
– The mower deck or air filter have become clogged
– The fuel filter has become clogged or the carburetor has malfunctioned
– The mower is currently using bad, outdated, or unstable fuel

Proceed through each of these potential maintenance concerns step by step, and make sure that the mower is supplied with good fuel, clean filters, and an unclogged deck. If the grass is too tall, consider using a trimmer before employing the lawn mower’s blades.

What to Check if the Mower Suffers from Excessive Vibration

If the mower begins vibrating excessively during regular use, this could be the result of a clogged mower deck or several other maintenance concerns. To avoid exacerbating potential clogs or mower equipment damage, stop the equipment right away and be sure to check for potential causes of this issue. Here’s what to look for:

– Grass or other debris has become lodged in the mower deck, causing the blades to get stuck.
– Debris has loosened the blades or made them unbalanced, and this instability has caused increased vibration.
– The mower has suffered some form of severe mechanical damage during operation and needs to be serviced.

Mowing Difficulties and Bagging Problems: What to Check During Regular Operation

From time to time, the mower might simply suffer from an inability to effectively cut or bag grass. This is due to any number of small maintenance concerns, each of which are typically quite easily addressed. Mower owners should be sure to stop mowing immediately and check each of these considerations before continuing. This will help to keep mowing consistent while minimizing the likelihood of more severe equipment damage.

– The engine speed may be too slow for effective cutting, so it should be increased by adjusting the throttle. Similarly, the mower may be moving across the lawn too quickly. Consider moving more slowly for a better cut.

– The cutting height adjustment levers might be set at different positions, leading to an inconsistent cut that performs rather poorly.

– The grass bag is filled to capacity and must be emptied.

– The mower deck is clogged or jammed, preventing it from cutting effectively.

Blades are dull, worn, damaged, or not the proper part for the HRS mower.

Visit for Parts and Troubleshooting Solutions

To fix many common maintenance problems, Honda HRS mower owners should visit The company has a full line of OEM parts that can help fix everything from blade problems to bagging issues, giving owners peace of mind and a more consistent cut all summer long.

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