Honda HS1336i Snowblower Controls & Features (Part 1 of 2)

Honda Power EquipmentFor those customers new to the Honda HS1336i snowblower, getting started with the many included controls and features can seem a bit daunting at first. The good news, however, is that the company has made sure to place these controls in thoughtful, ergonomic places. Additionally, Honda has made starting and controlling the snowblower as easy as possible, with simple levers that help to start the engine, steer the equipment throughout walkways and driveways, and turn even the most challenging snowstorm into an easily managed cleanup job. Here’s a look at what each control does and why it’s essential to understand each control when getting started with the equipment.
Safety Comes First When Clearing Away Snowfall

Snowblowers might be sold as a way to make cleanup easier around the home, and they’re generally a pretty great alternative to shovels, but their ease of use should never be mistaken for inherent safety. Snowblowers are powerful pieces of equipment that use a large engine and moving parts to replace the act of shoveling. Without proper safety precautions, they can represent a real risk to operators.

Before getting started, make sure to wear protective eye gear and bundle up appropriately for weather conditions. Place the equipment in a flat, outdoor area before starting it to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or other safety risks. Always fuel or lubricate the equipment when it’s warm, rather than when it’s hot, to eliminate the potential for burns and fires. With these precautions in place, getting started will be a far safer pursuit.

A Look at Honda hS1336i Controls

The controls found on the Honda HS1336i snowblower are generally designed to enhance safety and ease of use. That’s why the vast majority of these controls are concerned with actually turning the engine on and guiding the snowblower forward at a safe speed. When getting started for the first time, here’s what to know about each of the snowblower’s switches, levels, and other controls.

Engine Switch

The engine switch directly controls the snowblower’s ignition system, allowing the equipment to turn on or forcing the engine to turn off. The switch is operated using a key included at the time of purchase, and should be placed into the “start” position when starting the engine, and into the “on” position to keep the engine running. It should be returned to the “off” position as part of the snowblower shutdown process when all snow has been successfully cleared from the home’s driveway and walkways.

Fuel Valve Lever

The fuel valve lever determines whether or not the snowblower’s fuel can actually travel from the fuel tank to the engine. It should be in the “off” position whenever the equipment is turned off, since this will maintain operator safety and guard against unwanted sparks, leaks, and more. Before starting the equipment, switch the lever back into the “on” position and keep it there until the equipment is done being used. The fuel valve lever is the last lever adjusted back into its “off” position when turning the equipment off.

Manual Start Lever

The manual start lever should be considered as something of an override for the snowblower’s choke if the equipment doesn’t start on its own, Because Honda has bundled this model with an auto choke, most operators will not need to use manual mode or adjust the choke’s position themselves. They will only have to do so if the equipment fails to start after 5 attempts. If that’s the case, release the manual start lever and proceed through the typical manual start process as recommended in the owner’s manual. This override will likely eliminate any problems experienced using the auto choke mechanism.

Mode Selector Switch

The mode selector switch allows operators to determine whether they’ll regulate the equipment themselves during operation or whether it will regulate its own forward speed and engine characteristics. Generally, “auto” mode is ideal. This mode allows the equipment to use the right power and speed for on-the-ground conditions without operator intervention. A manual mode allows, as its name might suggest, for manual use of the throttle and other controls. An optional power mode puts the equipment’s engine to the test and uses maximum power for deeper accumulations and more challenging terrain.

Reset Switch

To reset the auger housing position, simply engage this switch and await the snowblower’s adjustments. This will essentially reset the auger housing to its factory position, which can be useful after a series of operator adjustments for deeper snowfall amounts and other considerations made on the fly around the home.

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