Troubleshooting Tips for a Honda HHT35S Trimmer

Honda HHT35SIs your Honda HHT35S trimmer not working right? In most cases, you can fix it yourself without having it professionally repaired. These are some of the most common problems and remedies for this model.

Safety Disclaimer

Before working around the cutting area, shut of the engine and disconnect the spark plug to prevent accidental start up. Always wear gloves when handling the blade.

Let the engine cool completely before working on parts located beneath the engine cover. Parts can remain hot enough to cause burns several minutes after the motor has been shut down.

Like any internal combustion engine, the motor in the HHT35S produces carbon monoxide which can be deadly in confined spaces. Never run the engine indoors.

Engine Won’t Start

Ignition switch – It should be set to “ON.”

Choke – It should be in the “Closed” (|\|) position.

Fuel – There might not be any fuel in the tank. If there is, it could be old and untreated: Honda recommends using gasoline that is no more than 60 days old. Drain the fuel and replace with fresh gasoline.

Spark plug – Check and adjust the gap: it should be between .024 and 0.028 inches (0.60 and 0.70 mm.) If the plug is fouled or damaged, replace it.

Other issues – The engine might not start due to problems with the fuel system, carburetor, ignition system, valves or other engine parts. If the checks above didn’t help, have your trimmer serviced by a Honda dealer.

Engine won’t Accelerate or Engine isn’t Producing Much Power

Air filter – Clean the filter if it is dirty and replace it if it has been damaged.

Fuel filter – If the filter is dirty or clogged, replace it.

Throttle cable – The cable should have between 1/16 and 1/8 inches (1-3 mm) of free play. If it is out of this range, unscrew the 10 mm nut next to the throttle, move the adjuster and re-tighten the nut. If the cable is kinked or damaged, it should be replaced.

Spark arrestor – This is easy to overlook since every HHT35S trimmer comes with an arrestor, even though it’s optional in most of Honda’s small engine equipment. Clean the arrestor screen with a wire brush to remove any blockages. To access the screen, remove the engine cover by unscrewing a single bolt at the cover’s top with a 4 mm hex wrench. The screen can then be unscrewed from the side of the muffler by unscrewing two screws.

Grass wrapping – Remove any grass that has wound itself around the output shaft and cutting area.

Cutting Line Head Won’t Stop Turning or Won’t Turn at All

Take the trimmer to a dealer – This could be caused by problems with the throttle cable, idle adjustment, gear case or clutch system, all of which are too difficult to repair at home.

Excessive Vibration

Cutting head and line – The head could be loose: tighten the collar on the end of the driveshaft by turning it counter-clockwise. If one of the cutting lines is longer than the other one, trim it down until they both match.

Blade – Make sure the blade nut is tight. Remember that the driveshaft has a left hand thread, so this nut will need to be turned counter-clockwise to be tightened. If the blade is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Ordering Parts for Your Honda Trimmer

To correctly identify your model of trimmer, you will need both the frame and engine serial numbers. The frame serial number is located on the shaft below the handle. The engine serial number is printed on the engine block directly behind the gas cap.

Where can you get parts for your HHT35S? They are a full line Honda small engine and equipment dealer carrying OEM parts for all the company’s models past and present. See exactly what you’re ordering using their online parts diagram system: just pick your model’s serial numbers from a drop-down list and you can see the part and where it fits on your equipment. Honda Lawn Parts can ship to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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