The Honda Twin Blade Advantage – Why it Matters

The typical Honda lawn mower is packed with great features that enhance its performance and leave a home’s outdoor spaces looking professionally maintained, but one feature stands out among the rest: Honda’s “Twin Blade Advantage.” This unique blade feature is designed to enhance how each blade of grass is processed by the mower, making it easy to achieve a consistent, professional looking result with each pass over the lawn. When choosing a Honda lawn mower, it’s important to understand what the Twin Blade Advantage does and why it’s so essential to a professional result every time.

Behind the Advantage: What’s a Twin Blade System and Why Does it Work?

The Honda Twin Blade Advantage involves a unique, two-blade cutting system that passes over the grass two times. The first blade uses a unique, upward motion that forces grass to stand tall as a first cut is made. Then, a second blade swings by. While the first blade provides for a uniform, initial cut, the second blade cuts the grass a second time and shortens its height even further. In addition to the overall efficiency of a twin-blade mowing process, the Honda Twin Blade Advantage has three distinct benefits that can lead to better lawn aesthetics and easier maintenance of the mower itself.

  1. First, the lawn is left with a more professional look. The reason for this is pretty simple: Honda’s twin-blade system stands grass tall, primes it for cutting, and then delivers a one-two punch that enforces consistency across an entire outdoor area. Other mowers are content to cut grass whether it’s standing up, matted toward the ground, or in some other position, resulting in inconsistent results and a less visually appealing final product.
  2. Another key feature of the twin-blade system is the better bagging performance of Honda’s mowers. Unlike other models from competing manufacturers, the twin-blade system produces much finer grass clippings overall. This allows for greater storage capacity in a bag of equal size compared to competing mowers. In turn, better bagging performance means less interruption of the mowing process and a quicker mowing job during the hottest months of summer.
  3. For homeowners who prefer to mulch clippings, rather than bag them, the Twin Blade Advantage still comes with a substantial list of benefits. The twin-blade system produces a finer mulch that’s less likely to clump or create a visual “layer” atop the freshly mowed lawn. A finer mulch also promotes faster decomposition of the clippings left behind, allowing for quicker and more effective transmission of key nutrients back into the lawn. Over the long-term, this faster decomposition process can lead to a healthier, more vibrant lawn than would be possible with a more conventional blade system.

Easier On Lawn Mower Maintenance Procedures

The Twin Blade Advantage comes with just as many benefits for maintenance as it does for the lawn’s appearance and overall health. With a twin-blade system and more effective bagging, homeowners can ensure that they’ll have to replace blades, bags, and other key parts a little less often than they would with a single-blade lawn mower.

When the time does come to perform seasonal maintenance or a crucial repair, however, OEM replacement parts from Honda Lawn Parts make it easy to ensure that the overall quality and excellent performance of the company’s twin-blade mowers. These replacement parts are made in Honda’s factories and they stand up to the exceedingly high standards that Honda has for all of its equipment. So, whether it’s a new mower, a new part, or simply a new understanding of how the twin-blade system works, the only question is: How will the Twin Blade System transform the way you take care of your lawn?

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