Operation Tips for Honda HRX Mowers

Honda HRXHonda’s HRX mower lineup is a powerful, yet compact, option for today’s homeowners. The equipment’s relatively small size means that it’s easy to store, while it’s capable engine makes this mower series excellent for moderately sized lawns that need regular trimming. As a result of this mower’s blend of performance, power and versatility, the company has branded the HRX its “premium” walk behind mower series for residential buyers. All of this power and performance, however, means that safe operation can only happen when new equipment owners are informed about the basics. This means learning how to turn the mower on and off, how to mow safely, and how to use the mower to produce the most professional-looking lawn possible. For those tips and much more, new Honda HRX mower owners should review the information listed below.

Safety First: Don’t Start Using the Mower Before Reviewing Basic Guidelines

Mowing can be pretty dangerous for those Honda owners who don’t follow basic safety guidelines. When getting started with new equipment for the first time, it’s absolutely essential to have reviewed the owner’s manual in advance. The manual features key information about assembly and setup, regular maintenance, pre-mowing equipment checks, and much more. Prior to starting the equipment, a high level of safety can be assured by checking fuel and oil levels, inspecting blades for damage, and making sure that the mower is clean and ready for another trip around the home’s outdoor spaces.

The Basics: How to Get Started with the HRX Series of Mowers

With safety firmly in mind, equipment owners can move on to the most exciting part of getting new Honda equipment: Starting it up for the first time and experiencing the difference the new mower makes in key spots around the home. Here’s what to know when firing up the HRX mower for the first time.

1. Starting the Engine

Get the engine ready by switching the fuel valve into its “on” position so that gas can flow to the engine. Next, move the throttle lever to “fast,” hold onto the handle, and pull the starter grip. There should be a bit of resistance, which will help to ignite the fuel and start the engine. If this is the first time the Honda HRX mower has been started, it may require several pulls on the starter grip before the engine comes on and continues running without interruption.

For those equipment owners who purchased the HZA model, this process is slightly different. The ignition key must be in place and switched on first, and the starter grip can then be pulled to get the engine running for the first time.

2. Operation Controls

There are four key controls that are essential to safe and efficient equipment operation. Each of these controls has an important function that’s essential to safety and productivity once the engine is turned on:

– Throttle Lever

The throttle lever controls blade speed, and should always be in the “fast” position during mowing.

– Blade Control Lever

The blade control lever governs blade movement. When the mower is on and actively mowing, the blade lever should be held tight to the mower handle at all times. Releasing the blade lever will stop the blades and is a key part of stopping the engine as well.

– Drive Clutch Lever

Pushing this lever forward begins the mower’s self-propelled operation. Pulling it back will put the mower into manual mode, or allow for the equipment to stop running. Generally, self-propelled operation should be engaged consistently while the mower is actually cutting the turf.

– Shift Lever

Use the shift lever to determine how fast the mower moves forward when its self-propelled features are engaged. Push the lever forward to go faster, or pull it back to slow down as needed.

3. Stopping the Engine

Release the blade control and drive clutch levers. After the engine has stopped and the mower is quiet, readjust the fuel valve so that it is once again in the “off” position. For owners of the HZA models, make sure that the key is turned in its “off” position as well prior to storage of the mower.

Where to buy Honda Mower Parts: HondaLawnParts.com Can Help

Honda mowers, like all mowers on the market, need long-term attention and care so that they last a very long time and maximize their value. That’s where HondaLawnParts.com. The site is features a full listing of OEM replacement parts for the Honda HRX mower series. These parts, made by Honda in its own factories, are subject to Honda’s quality control standards. This high level of scrutiny ensures that parts will be exceedingly durable, assuredly compatible with the proper HRX mower model, and safer to use after replacement or installation. With the ability to sort by part or model number, or even engine type, the HondaLawnParts.com site is essential for new mower owners.

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