Honda Trimmer Blade and Accessory Guide

Honda TrimmerThough many consumers view their trimmer only as a way to deal with nuisance weeds and those hard-to-reach areas around the lawn, the truth is that Honda’s lineup of trimmer models is actually extensible enough to handle even more challenging obstacles. Thanks to a series of blade and shield attachments, the typical Honda trimmer can be adapted to handle everything from mere blades of grass to larger shrubs, hedges, and even woody plants that might have grown out of control over the last several weeks or months. Each of these attachments is an OEM addition to the trimmer, bringing with it the same commitment to Honda quality and durability that consumers have come to expect across the board.

Safety Notice: Accessories Could Cause Injury if Used Improperly

Whether the trimmer is using its built-in cutting lines or one of the numerous OEM attachments available from Honda, serious injury can result if equipment operators don’t follow a few simple guidelines head of time. Make sure that the trimmer is used only when pets, children, and other bystanders have gone indoors. The trimmer should be started following the procedure in the operator’s manual, only after fuel and oil levels have been checked and the blade has been inspected for any damage or wear. The equipment should be paired with proper gloves and eye protection to reduce the likelihood of debris or jammed trimmings causing serious issues and injuries during routine landscaping work. With these precautions in place, it’s easy to get started with Honda’s excellent array of official accessories.

Cutting Attachments: A Look at the Official Honda Selection

Trimmers are often thought of as accessories in their own way, clearing only the occasional grouping of weeds or a bit of grass where today’s mowers can’t reach. In truth, the optional blade attachments sold by Honda make the equipment a versatile piece of power equipment that can handle virtually any object in its path. From weeds to wood, these blades can get the job done with ease.

1. Grass / Weed Blades

Trimmers require cutting lines only when they’re going to be used for edging along solid surfaces that might cause blades to be damaged. If edging is not a concern around the home, then those cutting lines can be swapped for a solid weed and grass blade, which will get the job done while clogging less often. These blades are typically either plastic or metal, and they’re made to stand the test of time even in larger lawn settings.

2. Weed / Brush Blades

Thicker weeds require a better blade to get the job done, and the brush blade is the best one to handle more serious jobs around the home. This blade, which is typically made from metal, comes with a chisel-shaped edge that can easily cut through field grass, longer and thicker weeds, and even light brush.

3. Brush / Wood Blades

While light brush can be tackled by Honda’s weed and brush blade, thicker brush and more challenging objects are no match for that particular attachment. That’s where the wood blade comes in. This blade most closely resembles a saw, with a finely serrated edge that can even chop through small limbs and the base of younger trees. It’s easily the most versatile attachment for a trimmer that will be used in areas that are still a bit rough around the edges.

Blade Covers, Debris Shields and More

Blades are exceedingly sharp and can pose a significant risk of injury if they’re not properly covered between uses. Furthermore, a good blade cover will also protect the attachment from becoming dull between uses. Honda sells a variety of OEM blade covers that fully cover the weed, brush, and wood blades, protecting them from damage and guarding others from significant injury and infection. In addition to proper blade covers, all blades should be paired with a proper debris shield. The options include:

– Cutting-Line Shields

The cutting-line shield is the standard debris cover used when the trimmer is purchased, paired perfectly with a standard cutting-line head. This cover is only sufficient for cutting line use, and should not be paired with other blades.

– 8-Tooth Blade Cover

The 8-tooth blade cover is an optional attachment for the Honda trimmer that should be used whenever a grass / weed blade, or a weed / brush blade, is attached to the equipment. Its larger size keeps more sizeable debris at bay.

– 80-Tooth Blade Cover

Saw blades, designed to cut through brush and wood, require this 80-tooth blade to keep thicker, larger debris from interacting with the operator. This is a required purchase when a saw blade is purchased, and should always be in place prior to equipment use.

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