Where to Find Your Model and Serial Number for a Honda Push Mower

In order to find parts or accessories for your Honda Push Mower, you need to make sure you can identify the model and serial number of your outdoor power equipment. What does a serial and model number look like? 


Depending on the year your Honda Push Mower was manufactured, your model number or the serial number most likely has 11 characters in it. This is true as long as your mower was made after 1997. The figures can be represented by numbers, dashes or letters. For example, a model and serial number could be expressed by, “0Y000Y000000.”


The model and serial numbers are listed on an ID label that is roughly two inches by three inches in size. The label also contains the customer service telephone number, the address of the manufacturer, and the product title. What if the label on my Honda Push Mower is missing?


If your label has been lost or removed, you will need to call the manufacturer and speak with their product support team. They may ask you to submit a photo of your mower to help them identify your product. That’s why it’s always a good idea to write down important information on a new mower, and keep it in a safe location for future reference.


The location of the model and serial number identification for your Honda push mower is normally on the very top of the mower, next to the right rear wheel.  If your Honda push mower is equipped with a Honda engine, the model and serial numbers may be found under the product housing, or sometimes on the right side of the engine. If your mower is a Honda HRM model, then the identification numbers are found on the back side, near the bagging system.


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