Honda HRR Series Residential Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers are an important part of yard maintenance, and the options available are limitless. Take the time to research the different push mowers from Honda and you can be guaranteed to find the lawnmower that is right for your yard’s needs. One of the series that Honda is extremely proud of is the Honda HRR Series. Below is an introduction to one of Honda’s most successful lawnmower lines and the preferred provider of genuine Honda mower parts

The HRR Series is Honda’s residential lawnmower line. It consists of three models: the HRR216PKA, HRR216VKA and the HRR216VYA. All three include the 3 in 1 mulch, bag and rear discharge, a 160cc engine with Auto Choke System and the Twin Blade QuadraCut System. A leaf shredder is optional on all three models. The PKA model is a push type while the other two are self-propelled using a variable speed Smart Drive.


All three models include Honda’s exclusive Twin Blade QuadraCut System which uses two separate blades. The upper leading blade makes the first major cut into your grass followed by a smaller cut from the lower blade, resulting in more bites per revolution and producing a superior looking lawn with a smoother even surface.

The QuadraCut System has three major benefits; better mulching, better bagging and a better looking lawn. The twin blades produce smaller clippings which spread out over your lawn and create a much better appearance. In addition, these smaller bits of grass will decompose faster helping to feed your lawn and keep it greener. If you use a bagger to dispose of your clippings, you’ll find the bag holds more clippings because of the finer cut. This results in a far more efficient yard maintenance process.

The adjustable Smart Drive on the two higher priced models makes it a breeze to mow your lawn. You can easily and instantly vary your speed using the handle mounted paddles. They are designed to be used with your thumb or palm as you walk. This gives you exactly the speed you need at any time. The Smart Drive paddles have five different starting positions which you can preset depending on your individual preference.

The lower priced HRR216PKA has a conventional zone safety starting system which requires you to depress the handle lever in order to start the engine. The mid range HRR216VKA includes the flywheel brake safety system, which will stop the engine whenever you release the flywheel brake lever. Very comfortable foam grip handles are included as well.

The top of the line model HRR216VYA includes Honda’s Roto-Stop Blade Stop System. This system allows you to stop the blades, but keep the engine running. This is convenient when bagging grass, just empty your bag and continue mowing without having to restart the engine. Its also convenient when you need to move things out of the mowers way or lift the mower over sidewalks or rocks.

All three models have a 21 inch steel deck and an easy fold quick release handle. The deck has six height adjustments (1 1/8″ – 4″) to tailor the height of your lawn as you see fit. The handle is made from one inch tubular steel with two height positions. The deck and engine are covered by a three year warranty in residential use. The 3 in 1 mulch, bag and rear discharge requires no tools. The GCV160 premium residential engine meets EPA and CARB emission level certification requirements for all US states. Finally, the Auto Choke System enables easy starting, as you never have to manually choke the engine to start it.

All models include hefty eight inch wheels that turn on ball bearings instead of bushings for a longer lasting mower. Each mower includes a 2.4 bushel grass bag and a manual fuel shut-off valve.

Where to get parts

If you are in need of commonly replaced parts like belts, blades, cables, filters or pulleys, head to and use our parts diagrams to find exactly the part you need.

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