Get Started with Your Honda EU2000i Generator

Honda_EU2000IKNFew pieces of equipment are more essential for today’s homeowners than a compact, powerful generator. Useful during severe storms and whenever an extended power outage threatens to take hold, as well as during outdoor adventures where a bit of electrical power is needed, generators like the EU2000i offer superior performance that can come to life in a pinch. Even so, those who are new to the EU2000i generator model probably have a few key questions about starting and stopping the equipment, using it when needed, and maintaining it throughout the year. Those common questions are all easily answered with a few common tips, tricks, hints, and articles of advice.

Safety Disclaimer: Safety Comes First During Generator Use

Generators are, by their nature, very powerful pieces of equipment that produce electrical current. The potential for injury is very real unless certain precautions are taken. As a rule, generators should be placed in an outdoor area that is free of moisture and away from potential storm damage. Moisture can turn generators into very dangerous devices for everyone in the surrounding area, while storing them indoors could cause emissions to put lives at risk via carbon monoxide poisoning. Always make sure that generators are fueled in advance, and that they’re started without others in the surrounding area. Have enough fuel on hand to run the generator for as long as might be needed, and make sure that refueling is done only when the engine is warm, rather than hot, to avoid the risk of sparking and burns.

Initial Generator Use Instructions

Getting started with a Honda EU2000i generator can seem daunting at first, but a few basic tips make this process quite a bit easier. For those new to Honda generators, here’s what tot know to stay safe as the equipment goes into active use.

– Engine Oil

All Honda generators are shipped and sold without any oil, which means a lubricant must be added to engine before the equipment is used for the first time. Simply remove the side panel and then remove the oil cap and dipstick. Fill the oil compartment to the appropriate level on the dipstick using a standard SAE 10W-30 oil. Periodically check the oil prior to each generator use in the future.

– Fuel

Like oil, fuel is not included with any new generator. Unleaded gasoline should be used to power the EU2000i generator, and gasoline should be appropriately filled prior to starting the equipment. If refueling is necessary during generator use, stop the equipment before adding any additional gasoline to the fuel tank.

What to Know Before Operation

Before getting started with the generator, make sure to read the owner’s manual that came with the new generator. The manual is full of important safety, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, and other information that will make it easier to safely keep the EU2000i running even for extended periods of time. Also consider a few tips when getting started:

– Starting the Engine

Turn the fuel tank cap vent lever to its “on” position and set the eco-throttle to “off.” Next, place the choke lever in its “closed” position and turn the engine switch on. Finally, simply pull the starter grip repeatedly until the generator starts and stays on for an extended period of time. The generator is now ready to go.

– Stopping the Engine

Disconnect any and all appliances or devices connected to the generator. Then, simply place the engine ignition switch in the “off” position and allow the generator to cool down.

– AC Parallel Operation

Parallel operation involves using two generators at the same time in order to produce more power and keep more appliances on during an extended power outage. This type of operation can only be performed if a parallel operation cable is connected between the two generators; both generator engines must be turned on after cable connection, allowing a full 30A appliance connection with full power.

– Eco-Throttle System

Honda’s eco-throttle system design keeps generators running longer by automatically reducing engine speed and power levels when less power is being demanded by a connected device or appliance. Generally, this system should be engaged whenever the generator is used with a conventional appliance.

Get Honda Generators and Parts at is an excellent asset for those who have already started using their EU2000i generator. The site offers an extensive index of OEM replacement parts that will make it easier to pursue routine maintenance procedures, as well as the occasional repair that might be necessary after periods of extended use or other mishaps. These parts can be filtered using a parts search tool, and narrowed down by the engine model, equipment model, or the specific part number required for a given need. That makes it easy to address common concerns easily and promptly, protecting the generator over the long-term.

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